Quality of Support

Each young people receives support based on their unique needs and goals. Support plans are designed to promote independence while addressing specific challenges.

Cleanliness and Maintenance

Our facility reflects the high level of care and attention to detail provided to residents.


Location of the facility and its proximity to amenities, medical services, and family members.

Staff Qualifications

Qualified, adequately trained, compassionate, and experienced staff members.

Licensing and Accreditation

The establishment is properly licensed and meets relevant industry standards and regulations.

Communication and Transparency

Clear communication with young people, their support network and their families, as well as transparent policies and procedures.

VITAL SUPPORT SERVICES is a type of accommodation arrangement designed to aid and support young people who may have specific needs or require help to live independently.

The key features of Supported Living for young people may include:

Individualized Support

Support plans are designed to promote independence while addressing specific challenges.


Young people are provided with safe and appropriate housing that suits their individual needs. This accommodation could be in the form of shared placement or solo placement.

Life Skills Training

Training and assistance are provided to help young people develop essential life skills such as cooking, budgeting, personal hygiene, and maintaining a household.

Education and Skill Development

We offer support to young people pursue education and develop their skills in various platforms in order to grow in their future opportunities.

Emotional and Social Support

Emotional support is crucial for young people, especially those who may have experienced trauma or faced challenging life circumstances. Social activities and opportunities for community involvement are encouraged.

Health and Well-being

Support is given to address physical and mental health needs, including access to healthcare services and emotional counseling.

Transition Planning

We can provide Supported Living to young people which can provide a structured plan to ensure a smooth transition to independent living.


Supported Living services often involve advocating for the rights and needs of young people, ensuring they have a voice in decisions affecting their lives.


Service providers, families, and other stakeholders often collaborate to create a holistic support network for the young person.